Sunday morning was super-exciting in Rally Hungary, with as much action on the first two stages as the competition had seen so far. But the most important news from a Hungarian point of view is that Miklós Csomós holds on to his leading position, while Ferenc Vincze remains third overall.

But let’s see it step-by-step.

On Sunday’s first stage (which was the ninth in the race), Mixi Csomós continued where he left off yesterday: he won the stage and added another 9 tenths to his lead, he was 23.5 seconds ahead of Mads Ostberg. The Norwegian driver was hoping that the storm would come and that he might be able to take advantage, but it didn’t happen. Ferenc Vincze held on to third place by finishing third on this stage.

Next came the longest (25.35 km and most exciting stage of the race with full of twists, around Mád and finishing at the Sárgaborház, where several top drivers got into trouble. Both Csomós and Ostberg had punctures, and Vincze caught someone on the stage, and lost a few seconds in the dust.

But this has made no difference to the podium places in the overall standing, because with everyone having problems, Csomós still leads (although his advantage has shrunk to 15 seconds) ahead of Ostberg, followed by Vincze by 7.6 seconds.

The beautiful stage through vineyards was won by Martins Sesks, who was so happy that his mouth reached his ears at the finish. Many competitors liked the Mád stage very much, saying it was a real rally experience.