Safety information

Stay safe, take care!

Please keep in mind the following information, and your rally experience will not only be exciting but also safe!

We are all here to get as close as possible to the cars, the action, and enjoy the race. However, rallying takes place within strict regulations, and there is no room for errors. Read the safety information, follow the instructions of the marshals and the officials! Take care of each other and have a great time!

Motorsport can be dangerous – that’s why we need your help. Competitors may encounter mechanical issues or other reasons that prevent them from keeping their cars on the road. It’s crucial for you, as a spectator, to know where you stand. The following graphics show the dangerous areas where it’s prohibited to be.

Safety instructions

Please thoroughly study the following safety information and the accompanying illustrations to ensure that your visit to the race is safe at all times!

Safety Caravan

During the 2 hours preceding the start of the Special Stage, several Safety Cars, the so-called Safety Caravan will complete the stage and check the conditions for the safe operation. Please ensure that you occupy your place at the Spectator Areas no later than 30 minutes before the start! Follow the instructions of the marshals and the officials, and if necessary, seek their help!

MNASZ Safety Message

Are you a true rally fan?

Hungarian rally stars explain how to make a rally event safe, enjoyable and environmentally friendly. If you are a true fan, you will not endanger the safety of yourself and the competition, you will not harm nature and you will consume alcohol responsibly!

FIA Get with the in-crowd

Safety must be our joint effort from the National Championship through ERC as high as the WRC. Listen to the messages by WRC stars and Get with the in-crowd in rallying! 

Media Safety briefing

No picture is worth as much as your safety! Whether you’re a professional, amateur photographer or videographer, check out the World Rally Championship drivers’ message on why safety issues should not be taken lightly in rallying, even if you’re there as a correspondent!