Safety instructions

Are you a true rally fan? 

Hungarian rally stars explain how to make a rally event safe, enjoyable and environmentally friendly. If you are a true fan, you will not endanger the safety of yourself and the competition, you will not harm nature and you will consume alcohol responsibly!

Take care, motorsport can be dangerous

We are all here to get as close to the cars, the action and to enjoy the race as possible. But the rally is held within strict limits and there is no room for error. Read the safety information, follow the instructions of the staff and the marshals. Look after each other and have fun!

Motorsport can be dangerous – that’s why we need your help. Drivers may have a mechanical failure or other reason that makes it impossible to keep their car on the road. This makes it vitally important that you, as a fan, know where you stand. The graphics below show the dangerous places where you are not allowed to stay. Please keep this in mind and your rally experience will not only be exciting but safe too!