"We have to be a bit faster than Mixi"

11/10/2021 08:30

András Hadik knows the recipe for success, and now he has to "cook it up" again, as he once again tries to claim the overall championship title at Rally Hungary, the European Championship race. As title defender, he has the experience and a nine-point advantage on his side, while his rival is one of the most talented youngsters, Miklós Csomós.

Rally Hungary is approaching, and you're back in the title fight again. It's becoming a habit now. What are your plans for the Hungarian European Championship race?

Obviously, we want to win the Hungarian classification, said András Hadik, defending national champion, who will be fighting for the overall victory with Krisztián Kertész as co-driver again. The truth is that we could have led by more than nine points, but we had a big crash in Veszprém, after which, to my biggest surprise, we recovered relatively quickly.

Did you think that the big fall would put you back more?

To be honest, I didn't know what to expect, I had some questions about what was going to happen, but luckily, we could get over it and we were fast in the following race at Vértes.

And you are slowly getting used to having such a big stake in the season finale.

Yeah, he smiles. I don't know what's going to happen in Nyíregyháza, it could go either way. If we and Mixi perform really badly, even Mads Ostberg could be the champion. And if Mixi finishes first and we are second, we need to win at least one power stage or one day to win the title. But you know me, we'll definitely try to be faster than him.

Recent stories show that you can handle the pressure well. Is it really the case?

Yes, I think so. I have no problem with it - I always focus on the task ahead and try to race with the fewest possible mistakes, I guess I'm used to it. Nevertheless, I think it will be a very difficult race, not only because it's much longer than the average Hungarian championship race, but also because the stages are much more varied and difficult.

But you have the recipe for success, because you have already won here before.

I am confident that we really know how to drive safely but fast on these stages. We live in Miskolc, so the area is not unfamiliar for us: I have full faith in ourselves.

Be honest, before the start of the season did you expect Miklós Csomós to be your main rival in the battle for the championship title?

No, but that's rally, that's sport. There are always new opponents, even those you have never expected. Mixi is very good, he is the best and most consistent of the youngsters - hats off to him.

Do you think that experience is on your side?

In principle, yes, but in practice you have to go a little faster than your opponent.

Is your car ready for the fight?

We haven't been in a rally car for one and a half month, so we'll race in Kazincbarcika as a kind of test before Rally Hungary and we'll be testing during the week of the race as well - that's how we're going to prepare. And on 24 October we'll see what the race brings us.

Do you have a favourite stage of Rally Hungary?

I really like the stage in Erdőbénye, but basically all the stages in the area are very good, they are all real rally stages. We are looking forward to racing there.