"I hope it will be a tough race!"

15/10/2021 15:44

Frigyes Turán generally likes it if it rains a bit, if the stages are muddy, he won Rally Hungary in this kind of conditions two years ago. Now he is already out of the battle for the championship title, so he only wants to enjoy the ERC race.

You won Rally Hungary in amazing conditions two years ago. How do you remember that event?

The 2018 season was a very difficult one for us, at the last race we fought hard for the championship title with Andris Hadik, which I did not manage to win in the end for my father, who passed away later that year. However, a year later we won the ERC race, which was one of the best results of our career, and we dedicated it to him. I felt then that fate had given something back. It was a tough race and we might have a little luck at the very end, but we were in the top three on our own, which is a good achievement. I would be happy if we could be there again and if we could drive as good a pace as we did then.

Are you getting ready?

Of course! I've been watching on-board footages and I've got some ideas of how to prepare for the cooler weather and these stages. This year has proved that there are some fast drivers in the Hungarian field, but looking at the results it seems obvious that we can keep up the pace with them. However, it is another story that so far this year nothing has gone as we would have hoped for. I feel that our team is strong, our car is good, though we lacked a bit of luck, but maybe we will have it at Rally Hungary.

What kind of weekend do you expect?

I hope it's going to be a tough race. Basically, I like it when it rains a bit, when it's a little muddy... We don't have any extra burden on us, because unfortunately we're not in the fight for the Hungarian championship title, so tactics will have no impact on our weekend. We want to have fun, race through these two days and get out of the car at the end with a big smile on our face.

This year, smile was missed at several times - you made a few mistakes, which you have absolutely never done before.

Neither of us, and yet, Andris Hadik and Mixi Csomós made mistakes - this season has not been easy for anyone. I'm sure it's also because there are foreign stars in the domestic series and everyone is trying to push the limits, and we've raised those limits quite a bit because you have to go very fast to win at home. I made two mistakes this year: we went off the road in Eger, we turned over in Mecsek, and once I was held back by a technical mistake, but that's part of racing. Putting all that aside, I have to say that our pace is good, we are competitive and I really enjoy it very much.

The European Championship field is even much tighter and more balanced than the Hungarian one. How do you see the chances?

In the ERC field this year, it was clear that no one could really stand out, the results varied widely and there were huge battles. I expect a fight for tenths of a second in the Nyíregyháza region - but we really enjoy it!

Do you have a favourite stage at Rally Hungary?

On Mád we were always able to go very fast, and that's the challenge now, too. And I do not care that the route might have changed a bit compared to previous years, because that's the task now, that's what we have to solve. We'll try to focus on all the little things on the recce and then we'll get going.

What kind of weather would you prefer?

According to the forecast there will be 17 0C and dry weather, but as the race starts early, you can expect damp and mist as well. For the spectators, good weather would obviously be ideal, but I wouldn't mind a bit of rain...