Dream (car) was born

16/10/2021 14:45

A shiny, beautiful VFTS was born out of a street car - basically for the purpose of making a film on it, but now it's going to be presented in real life. Róbert Bútor and Zoltán Bessenyey will be driving it only sideway in Máriapócs and on the Nyíregyháza city stage of Rally Hungary.

How did this VFTS come about?

We've been working on it for three years now, Zoli Bessenyey came up with the idea and our team has built it," said Róbert Bútor.

Tell us a bit more.

When BZ came out of the hospital after his accident, he decided he wanted to make a film about how a street car was turned into a real racing car. We were working on it during the last three years, and since the car is ready now and it’s really beautiful, we have decided to present it at Rally Hungary on Rabócsiring and the city stage. A lot of spectators are expected to both venues, perfect locations, and I will drive, Zoli Bessenyey will be the co-driver, it's an ideal set-up.

Do not put this beautiful project behind us so fast. How was it formed?

The basic idea was to take a Lada road car and shoot a film on how it would be turned into a racing VFTS. Every important step was explained in the film in a very professional way, with the engine and undercarriage builder, cable harness maker and polisher giving the behind-the-scenes details of their own special sector. Laci Várda was the chief mechanic, and under my professional guidance and instructions the ‘show’ was put together.

How long did it take?

It took three years, but to be honest, I didn't set a deadline at the beginning because I knew everyone would be a bit late. And it’s exactly what they did. Everyone did a very serious job, but it really took longer than originally planned. However, it was absolutely worth it, because the outcome is awesome - I can say completely unbiased that we have built the most beautiful VFTS in the world. I don't know if it's the fastest, but it's definitely the most beautiful.

Your eyes are shining, while you are talking about it.

Of course, because no one has ever filmed anything like it, so we're the first, real pioneers. I did what I did, out of passion, for free, it's my gift to Zoli Bessenyey's idea - I felt it might give him a new inspiration, so I tried to do everything in the way exactly as he had dreamed it.

This year you drove a Citroën WRC, out of the championship classification, of course, but you got a lot of love and positive feedback from the spectators. What does that mean to you?

Absolutely a lot, and it was fully worth it. I don't think we can excel the WRC at any level with the VFTS, but I'm sure a lot of people are looking forward to seeing it as well. Many fans love the brand here at home and to be able to drive it in front of so many spectators and even on these two spectacular stages, I think it will be a huge experience for me. I'd like to put the ice on the cake with this ride and to crown the film titled VFTS is born. For my side, this is the end of the project, but I don't know yet whether there will be any follow up, whether we will drive this car again.

The bottom line is that you are going now. Sideway?

Absolutely! I don't want to go a single metre in a straight line - I hope I will have the moves in my hand to do that. After the WRC it won't be so easy to drive this car well, you have to get back to it, but I'll try to practice it during the test not to disappoint the spectators.