Discussion continued on the anniversary

08/05/2019 09:35

Tamás Őry, Promoter of Rally Hungary, and Jean-Baptiste Ley, the ERC Co-ordinator, used last week’s Rally Islas Canarias to meet and discuss the ongoing preparations taking place for the newest addition to the FIA European Rally Championship calendar. One year on from a first meeting in Gran Canaria that set in motion the Nyíregyháza-based Rally Hungary joining the ERC roster from 2019, Őry and Ley met as firm friends to discuss some of the finer details for the season showdown from 8-10 November.

“We met Tamás and his colleagues a year ago, and work went well from the very first moment between us,” said Ley. “They are very professional and their approach is similar to ours. They organised a high-standard rally last year, and honestly I was surprised by the strength of the Hungarian field, so I am very glad that Rally Hungary has become part of the ERC.

“Fortunately, there are several good Hungarian drivers in the ERC, Tibor Érdi Jr and Kristóf Klausz are great friends of ours for a long time now, and we are happy that Norbert Herczig joined last year. I expect a big show in Nyíregyháza and not just because of them. It is always interesting to introduce a new rally into the championship and the ERC drivers are very excited to fight against the local heroes at a new venue. They have already started to ask about the rally and the availability of onboard camera footage. They are eagerly awaiting the season finale.”


Őry said: “It all started a year ago on the Canary Islands, where we first sat down to talk to Jean-Baptiste. At that time we could only hope that our co-operation would be so successful within such a short period of time. Our race was much appreciated by the international promoter last year. And he confirms it whenever we meet. He did so on the Canary Islands, too, where we already discussed some details, however, these small things could determine the succes of an event.

“The organising committee of the rally was already set up in February. Last year’s rally was put together by a very professional team and we would like to strengthen it even more. The stages are 85 per cent the same as last year, but some modifications will take place. As of the field, it is a great pleasure to see that there are three permanent Hungarian participants in the ERC, since they help the whole ERC to be in the spotlight. Many foreign competitors have already informed us that they plan to enter our rally. They would represent a huge challenge for the drivers of the Hungarian championship.”